How to maintain my Emboisier candle?

I am lighting my candle for the first time:
If you are lighting your candle for the first time, don't be impressed by the size of the flame, it is always quite large during the first melting. It may even go out after a few seconds. Don't worry, just relight it.
Be careful, a candle heats up!
To avoid burns, do not leave your candle lit for more than 2 hours and do not move it when it is lit. Also, do not let your candle burn to the bottom of the container. It is recommended to leave a thin layer of wax at the bottom to avoid overheating your glass jar. You can also use a ceramic cup to protect your furniture. A "safety" section is available below. Please read it carefully.

What are the advantages of soy wax?

To make our candles we have selected a 100% natural soy vegetable wax. This wax is also known for its slower combustion than mineral waxes, currently present in the vast majority of candles available on the market. Our wax will guarantee you a beautiful homogeneous melting, without soot or toxic fumes. This natural wax blends perfectly with our perfume oils and promises a delicious restitution of the scents. Non-GMO and biodegradable, our wax does not contain pesticides and is not tested on animals. The quality of our wax is in line with Emboisier's values and contributes to the creation of superior quality candles that are environmentally friendly.

How to avoid domestic accidents?

A safety label is located on the bottom of each candle. They include the 7 warning pictograms imposed by the AFNOR regulation.
Nevertheless, be sure to follow the following rules:
Do not move your candle if it is lit, you may get burned by contact with the glass or the flame.

To avoid blowing the wax onto your face and the risk of the wax catching fire, do not blow out your candle. Instead, use a snuffer.

Keep your candles away from drafts
Do not place your candle near a heat source

Extinguish your candle when you leave the room and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Burn candles out of reach of children and pets.

Never light candles near flammable objects.

Always leave about 10 cm between lit candles.

Cut the wick if your flame is excessively long only. You will see it if your wick is blowing smoke. To do this, you can simply pinch the top of the wick with your fingers. The portion you retrieve should be carefully removed and disposed of in a dry place.

If any debris gets into your wax, be sure to remove it with a non-flammable object so it doesn't ignite.

Never use liquid to extinguish your candle.

Do not allow a candle to burn out completely to avoid overheating and the risk of cracking the glass.

There seem to be small bubbles in my wax, is this normal?

Unlike mineral waxes such as paraffin, soy wax does not always give a perfectly smooth finish. At Emboisier, we pride ourselves on making all of our candles by hand and we emphasize the small imperfections that come with it. It may happen that during the burning process, a few air bubbles get into the wax. This is normal, don't panic! To avoid them, try to place your candles in a room at room temperature to avoid a too important difference in temperature.

A hole is forming in the center of my candle, what should I do?

It is important to give the candle time to melt over the entire surface to avoid a "tunnel" effect. We recommend to let your wax warm up for at least 1 hour before extinguishing your candle. This will allow you to obtain a homogeneous melting.