Our story

Emboisier was developed in the heart of Paris by a perfume lover who has spent the last few years traveling the world in search of inspiration and wonderful cultural experiences. With this project was born the desire to transmit emotions and to retranscribe this passion for the scents that surround us.
All our candles are handmade in Paris.
It was important for us to develop a sustainable and eco-responsible brand. Therefore, our suppliers are located in Europe in order to respect our planet.
Our brand was developed with the sole intention of making you travel through beautiful olfactory experiences. We hope that you will join us on this beautiful Emboisier journey.
Our founder developed the Emboisier concept while listening to music, wearing pajamas and drinking gallons of chamomile tea. It is this spirit that we want to share with you. We want our brand to be a haven of peace where you can escape freely. To do this, we will make sure to sprinkle all our communications with little surprises...

We want Emboisier to be a song you love, a soft blanket, a book that soothes you, a photo of your loved ones that warms your heart...